Tag: Freedom

Issue #2

A Curated Playlist: Revolutionary Music

While equally inspired by the numerous jazz courses that allowed him to conduct research on African-American musical history, Cameron was inspired to submit his work to the Journal of Society, Politics, and Ethics by his advisor and mentor Dr. Dilek Huseyinzadegan, his participation in PHIL 220 (Fall 2020) and PHIL 488W (Fall 2021), and the wonderful dialogue regularly created amongst his peers in those courses. He was particularly influenced by Iris Marion Young, Audre Lorde, Silvia Federici, and Grace Lee Boggs’s interpretation of revolution in The Next American Revolution: Sustainable Activism for the Twenty-First Century throughout the course of his studies in political philosophy. Cameron sincerely thanks his mom, dad, Kelvin, Dr. H, and all of his peers in 220 and 488 for all of their encouragement, support, and guidance throughout his undergraduate career at Emory. After graduating from Emory University in May, Cameron will attend Mercer University School of Law in the fall.